Independent Internet: Russia wants to break the chain

In Russia, the Internet is about to break off the chain; President Putin’s government is hard at work towards an “independent Internet.” The Russian Security Council instructed the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to begin creating a system of DNS servers in the BRICS countries. BRICS is the acronym for an […]

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Where to sell your domains: A 2012 anti-guide to achieving huge Domain Sales

The latest bout of bad economy has left many domain owners hanging. So where would you sell your domains, and how would you sell them? This is a short guide about how to make money selling your domain names in the year of our Lord, 2012. First of all, you need to find out how […]

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Got Balls? Francois is looking for them

Gotta love the entrepreneurial spirit and marketing audacity of Francois Carrillo – multi-platform domainer extraordinaire! In his latest “teaser” post via, Francois is looking for domain bidders “with balls” to outbid him as he’s placing a $300 bid for So far only one domainer – apparently sporting a big, heavy pair of “cojones” […]

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A few weeks have passed by and our friend Francois Carrillo of has yet to change the call-to-action. Oh mon dieu. Instead of bringing back the leggy female that attracted so many (guy) domainers to, Francois has made yet another faux pas. The current banner for that appears on domain forums […]

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