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LLLL .com mega-sale : Your only chance to get them directly from the “domain chips” King!

It’s true: Dutch domain investor, Tim Schoon, is credited with coining the “domain chip” reference. Domain chips are four letter domains made of every letter in the alphabet, except for vowels and the letter “V”. They are popular among the Chinese domain investors, for this very reason. And now, Tim is selling a bunch of […]

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Jack Ho: I want $21 million dollars for these two domains

Time and again, we have seen these silly domain listings on eBay, with the seller asking for a whole lot of money in exchange for sub-par domains. This one, however, beats them all. An eBay seller – Jack Ho – is seeking to sell JewelryAndGift.com and GiftAndJewelry.com for a whopping $21,000,000 dollars. Registered in 1999, […]

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Where to sell your domains: A 2012 anti-guide to achieving huge Domain Sales

The latest bout of bad economy has left many domain owners hanging. So where would you sell your domains, and how would you sell them? This is a short guide about how to make money selling your domain names in the year of our Lord, 2012. First of all, you need to find out how […]

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