Announcing MERGE! 2018 in Moscow, Russia, as the next domain conference

MERGE! 2018 in Moscow, Russia.

Following the success of MERGE! 2017 in Orlando, Florida, the multi-discipline event’s organizers announced today its eastward expansion.

“Regional events will help spread domain investing, development and blockchain awareness like fever around the world,” said Jothan Frakes, co-founder of MERGE!, to be renamed MERGE! Global.

“With MERGE! Moscow in Russia in 2018, we plan to tap into the World Cup fever taking place in Mr. Putin’s motherland,” exclaimed Frakes, popping open a fresh vodka bottle.

Russian domainers are extremely eager to adopt new technologies, new gTLDs and cryptocurrencies. In Russia, cold weather and hot tea consumption promotes entrepreneurship, according to sociologists.

MERGE! Moscow will introduce attendees to the local customs, such as fighting hangover by drinking more alcohol in the morning after a hard night of partying, or getting high by smoking cow dung rolled up in newspaper.

“We cannot wait to introduce Russian habits to the world of Western domainers,” said Jothan Frakes, adding: “Dasvidaniya!”

MERGE! in Moscow, Russia, should be a blast, so get your passports and visas approved by the Russian secret service pronto. Enjoy the video!

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