#Russia’s stock market and the value of related #domain names

The Russian stock market has remained closed for a record fourth day today, following unprecedented global sanctions against the country.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, an aggressive and unprovoked act of war, has united most of the civilized world; imposing financial sanctions against Russian interests is the most peaceful way to inflict harm to its war budget.

The Russian ruble has plummeted to new lows against the USD and the EUR, taking with it the inherent valuation of Ruble.comand that is our educated opinion.

The Russian stock market – Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin on Unsplash

In the same manner, two other domains are now losing their face value as digital assets:

  • RussianStocks.com – a domain for sale by BuyDomains with a $1,688 dollar BIN price.
  • RussianStockMarket.com – a domain parked with a $4,400 dollar price.

Who would want such assets representing an almost crashed Russian stock market?

More fun ahead:

The world is running out of nice things to say about Russian oligarchs, for sure, and the matching domain, RussianOligarchs.com was registered yesterday, along with the singular, RussianOligarch.com. The latter, is a former domain of HugeDomains that dropped in the past.

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One Response to “#Russia’s stock market and the value of related #domain names”
  1. BUlls says:

    Any info on who the oligarchs, their names, addresses and what the properties they own and where they are located?

    As they said-follow the MoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!

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