Reviving a 28-year-old legacy domain for IPv4 hijacking

As IPv4 addresses become increasingly scarce, any older IP block, regardless of its scale, including Autonomous System networks, faces the threat of being controlled and exploited for identity theft or other malicious purposes.

Spamhaus is researching, a domain first registered 28 years ago and now utilized to facilitate connectivity to seized IP blocks.

Re-registering an old domain to facilitate crime is a seemingly ordinary domain initially registered in 1996 by Fiberlink Communications Corporation, a service provider based in Pennsylvania. With time, the company expanded, ultimately being acquired by IBM in 2013. The domain and brand name became redundant for the new owner, leading to the domain’s expiration and drop.

The domain changed hands among different registrants until its recent registration in 2021 through a Russian domain registrar, The domain was then used to facilitate IPv4 hijacking.

Read the full story at SpamHaus.

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