Domain Days Dubai 2024 is coming in November

Following the epic success of Domain Days Dubai last year, the event’s operators are now confirming that the domain conference will return in 2024 as well. Munir Badr, founder of Domain Days Dubai, shared exciting news about the conference: “I am now thrilled to share the news that we’re back and diligently planning the upcoming […]

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Thousands of photos of Domain Days in Dubai are now available!

Domain Days in Dubai might be over but thousands of professionally taken photos from the event point in one direction: It was the biggest, most engaging international domain conference in recent memory. The event delivered substance, with a well-organized agenda and speakers that spanned the domain industry and beyond. When it comes down to keeping […]

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Dubai or Russia? Aleks(ander) claims treated him with “corporate racism”

Another day, another fringe report about on Trustpilot. This time around, a guy by the name of “Aleks” whose locale is recorded as being Turkey, left a negative review with some pretty strong claims. In his attempt to buy and pay for the domain, the self-professed entrepreneur from Dubai was allegedly denied completion of […]

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Divyank Turakhia : #Domainer shares investor vision with #Dubai princes

Popular domain entrepreneur, investor and media favorite, Divyank Turakhia, isn’t just resting on his many laurels. The quasi-billionaire from India has spawned international interest, after selling his empire to the Chinese. Now, Div Turakhia is heading to the heart of the Middle East, where the oil-rich state of Dubai is. While visiting Dubai, he […]

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Sedo pictures : From WHD Global in Germany, onto Dubai

Sedo completed a successful tour in its native turf of Germany, and World Hosting Days 2017. The six day event was a big success, attracting thousands of visitors eager to learn about the state of web and cloud hosting, branding and of course, domain names. Here are some photos from the Sedo presence at the […]

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King Souq .com UDRP now relevant, as Complainant gets $800 million dollar windfall

The recent UDRP against now makes sense, as the Complainant,, has received a sizable acquisition offer. Dubai’s Emaar Malls, operators of luxurious Middle East shopping centers, made an $800 million dollar offer to acquire and its online retail business. The offer appears to be a strategic move against The massive bid […]

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The game of “wishful thinking” among promoters of domain auctions started with the categorization of as a “$30 million USD domain.” This pompous reference to about to become the priciest domain name in history came with no supporting evidence from industry experts; the latter would include professional domain brokers or established domain auction […]

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