Thousands of photos of Domain Days in Dubai are now available!

Domain Days in Dubai might be over but thousands of professionally taken photos from the event point in one direction: It was the biggest, most engaging international domain conference in recent memory.

The event delivered substance, with a well-organized agenda and speakers that spanned the domain industry and beyond. When it comes down to keeping attendees engaged, you can’t go wrong with speakers that are knowledgeable and effective with their message. Being fun *and* funny helps too.

In a nutshell, Domain Days in Dubai was a tremendous event, by all testimony, while a regional ongoing conflict never created an unsafe environment, exactly as the event’s organizers promised.

Munir Badr was the brilliant brains behind the biggest domain conference surprise since NamesCon went live in 2014 and he has a long, successful future ahead.

View thousands of photos from the event, with thanks to the event’s organizers and to domain broker Igor Furdyk for additional pointers.

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