Safety is a top priority at the Domain Days domain conference in Dubai

The upcoming Domain Days conference in Dubai is designed to be a carefully planned, engaging event for domain investors.

Taking place in Dubai, UAE, on November 1st and 2nd, the international conference has been the brainchild of entrepreneur Munir Badr.

Current events in Israel and Gaza have created a devastating number of human loss. Hamas terrorists are doing a disservice to the Palestinian people of Gaza, by attacking and killing hundreds of innocent people in Israel. We condemn these terrible actions as they inflict a devastating harm on the entire human race for generations to come.

For these reasons, we reached out to Munir Badr with our concerns about the safety of the event in Dubai.

With respect to safety at the event in Dubai, Mr. Badr noted that United Arab Emirates is a long-time US ally and a nation that has signed the Abraham accords declaration with Israel. Dubai should be considered a safe destination for both local and international travelers.

Here is the official statement:

“In response to understandable concerns raised by our future attendees with regard to the ongoing turbulence in the region, we are pleased to let you know that the situation in UAE and Dubai in particular has remained stable and there has been no indication of an increased level of security.

The Government remains vigilant about what the UAE authorities characterized as a “serious and grave escalation”. As of today, as the event host we have not received any guidance which would suggest there would be any challenges to public security in Dubai.

We keep monitoring the situation on a continuous basis and are in touch with competent authorities, and will keep the Domain Days Dubai participants updated on further developments, if any.”

Regarding the current statistics related to the event, Mr. Badr told us that the event planning has exceeded all of their expectations. More than 170 ticketed registrations have been paid for, plenty of international sponsors support the effort, and the event’s agenda is locked and completely sold out.

Lastly, the Domain Days Dubai event now features an upgraded, massive mega yacht for the accommodation of all the VIP ticket holders.

We would like to thank Mr. Munir Badr for his stance, commentary, and for being reassuring about the event’s safety; we wish everyone a safe, enjoyable time in Dubai during these difficult times.

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