After and, aged domain under brokerage

Domain broker Andrew Miller has been associated with the successful brokerage of ultra-premium domains, such as,,,, and All these domains were sold for millions of dollars, representing the cream of the crop of the industry’s top recorded sales. There are plenty more that shall remain unreported, due to private non-disclosure […]

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Finally, files for trademark registration at the USPTO

The operators of the domain are about to capitalize on their ultra premium asset, by registering the matching mark, SEX.COM. There are actually two applications for SEX.COM: One for the word mark SEX.COM One for the stylized mark SEX.COM: The mark consists of the two terms “sex” and “com,” which appear in all lowercase […]

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Did sell for $16,000,000 dollars?

Speculations are running wild about the sale of, a perfect, round number; the domain was sold by telecom giant Vodafone to Qihoo 360 Technology Co Ltd in China. The buyer, ‘upgraded’ their brand from 360.CN to the globally recognized dot .com equivalent. George Hong, of – a premium domain investor and brokerage firm […]

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The game of “wishful thinking” among promoters of domain auctions started with the categorization of as a “$30 million USD domain.” This pompous reference to about to become the priciest domain name in history came with no supporting evidence from industry experts; the latter would include professional domain brokers or established domain auction […]

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ICANN: Technology advancement at CERN threatens domains and the Internet

ICANN announced its grave concern about domain names and the Internet as a whole, regarding a series of recent technology advancements by CERN in Switzerland. The upcoming issue of the Phibbs-Jansen Quantum Physics Journal will be covering the story of an achieved disruption in the quantum-distilled time-space continuum. ICANN considers this technological breakthrough a threat […]

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Sẹ sells on Sedo

Wow, this is some amazing news – or maybe not. The domain name Sẹ has been sold on Sedo, making a man from Norway its new immediate owner. What’s the catch, you might ask. This “poor man’s” version of is in fact an IDN or Internationalized domain name, in a series of recent sales […]

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Asset protection: domain still generates legal controversy

Despite its sale for $13 million dollars, continues to generate ample amounts of legal controversy. In an opinion posted at Forbes online, involving the famous case of Gary Kremen, an engineer who purchased a number of internet domain names, including the highly valuable name – Jay Adkisson, partner of the Newport Beach, California, […]

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Daryl says: Back in 1991 I could have owned

Hey domainers…what’s up, what’s up! Sunday today and while it’s perfectly sunny, there’s a dark cloud floating over my heart 🙁 No, it’s not because last night I went out, got smashed drinking beer and saw my ex girlfriend making out with my best buddy. Whatever. They don’t call me Daryl the Drunk Domainer without […]

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The celebrations about the $13 million sale of might not last long, according to a senior domain analyst. Johan Dipthroat from the Oklahoma domain investors’ bureau explains: “Many domainers are unable to comprehend how a domain with such a lengthy history of scandalous controversy has finally been sold”, says Johan. “No more conspiracy, no […]

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Could this be the kind of news we need in order to stimulate the ‘bad economy’ ? Apparently, a letter of intent has been presented to the owner of the celebrity gossip web site, According to Gawker: The purchasing parties – Avid Life Media, the owner of sites including and Ashley Madison, has […]

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You must be really messed up in the head to end up having 14 children, 8 of which were delivered in one go. Nadya Suleman – also known as Octomom – is one such fine example of apparent procreation abuse. Her sudden shooting to fame caused several things to happen: a reality TV show, the […]

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BullWhip to Fight PETA over ownership of!

BullWhip, a meat company from Southern California is in the fighting ring against PETA for the domain BullWhip Executive Vice President, Dick James, has sent out this press release to the media, stating: “Meat is good for all. There is nothing wrong with eating meat and we will develop to deliver this message […]

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