PETA files complaint against Uniregistry chicken game

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has lodged a complaint against Uniregistry. The thorny issue seems to be the Uniregistry chicken game, that appears during a 404 error. What is the Uniregustry chicken game? Visitors of non-existent pages can play a game of jumping chicken, or by visiting the URL directly. […]

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PETA goes .XXX

PETA – the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – is going the triple X way. By launching, the often controversial organization is attempting to create an outlet for its often shocking ads that promote the protection of animals. Ads by PETA often contain nudity and thus the .XXX realm is perfect for […]

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PETA rolled out a new web site promoting the consumption of vegetables and fruit instead of the usual meat; the concept is well executed, if a bit risque. An accompanying video features a young female wearing a neck brace, as she walks home carrying groceries, where she undresses to her underwear. “This is Jessica,” the […]

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Frank Schilling has an ‘invisible monkey’

Frank Schilling’s domain portfolio ranges from the ultra generics to the two word compounds – to the very obscure. The ever-busy uber-domainer in the Caymans amassed a hefty domain portfolio in the first few years of the new century, never to look back. As we posted before, his collection of food-related domains is legendary; […]

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You must be really messed up in the head to end up having 14 children, 8 of which were delivered in one go. Nadya Suleman – also known as Octomom – is one such fine example of apparent procreation abuse. Her sudden shooting to fame caused several things to happen: a reality TV show, the […]

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Sex, Parody and Social Networks – How the truth gets out there

As is currently going through a 2nd round of Friday morning visitors, the story behind yesterday’s traffic onslaught from Digg and other sources is permanently etched onto our domain system logs. In a nutshell, our parody of PETA’s alleged internal press release that the domain name, should be acquired by them in order […]

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BullWhip to Fight PETA over ownership of!

BullWhip, a meat company from Southern California is in the fighting ring against PETA for the domain BullWhip Executive Vice President, Dick James, has sent out this press release to the media, stating: “Meat is good for all. There is nothing wrong with eating meat and we will develop to deliver this message […]

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