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Frank Schilling has an ‘invisible monkey’

Frank Schilling’s domain portfolio ranges from the ultra generics to the two word compounds – to the very obscure.

The ever-busy uber-domainer in the Caymans amassed a hefty domain portfolio in the first few years of the new century, never to look back.

As we posted before, his collection of food-related domains is legendary; PotatoSalad.com never looked tastier!

But what is the strangest domain that we’ve discovered in Frank Schilling’s domain collection?

That’s rather easy.

There’s a brand new Dodge commercial that features a monkey dressed as Evel Knievel that proceeds to blast off confetti munitions – this ad was apparently objected to by PETA as “animal abuse”.

Give us a break PETA – remember the PETA & Sex.com story?

Anyhow, Dodge didn’t budge to PETA’s whining and shot another commercial – only this time they edited out the monkey, leaving its outfit in place. This brilliant solution made reference to an “invisible monkey”.

After looking up InvisibleMonkey.com it appears that Frank Schilling owns it. But it’s not a new registration, the domain was registered in 2005.

So far, this is the weirdest domain we’ve seen in Frank Schilling’s domain portfolio!

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4 Responses to “Frank Schilling has an ‘invisible monkey’”
  1. John says:

    The wierdest I ever saw was: MenWhoKnitAndTheDogsWhoLoveThem.com

  2. tricolorro says:

    “After looking up InvisibleMonkey.com it appears that Frank Schilling owns it.”


    Maybe you could send some of those bananas you feed to Giovanni to Frankie’s
    invisible monkey.

  3. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Tric – Alas, Giovanni won’t talk to me these days; she’s busy developing web sites.

    John – that’s a weird domain indeed but does Frank Schilling own it? 😉

  4. John says:

    Lol, I don’t think so…it was so freaking weird I needed to mention it for my mental health and well being.

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