PETA files complaint against Uniregistry chicken game

PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has lodged a complaint against Uniregistry.

The thorny issue seems to be the Uniregistry chicken game, that appears during a 404 error.

What is the Uniregustry chicken game?

Visitors of non-existent pages can play a game of jumping chicken, or by visiting the URL directly.

By hitting the space bar, the chicken jumps over an obstacle course, at an increased speed; it’s “game over” when it hits an obstacle.

Many domain investors appreciate this novel game, but PETA apparently disagrees:

“We’re dismayed by the violent death of the chicken, a living animal, on the Uniregistry’s 404 page,” said Marcus Dickermann of PETA.

“Not only it should be treated humanely – and clearly this does not happen – but hitting the space bar aggressively is a clear demonstration of violent behavior and it dehumanizes the visitor’s psyche – it’s just not cool to kill animals!” exclaimed Dickermann.

The PETA complaint about the Uniregistry chicken game is yet another bizarre demonstration of ultra-liberalism, and many domain investors should be concerned about such uninvited interventions in the future.

For more information, visit Uniregistry for a game of chicken.

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