: Wishful thinking when sending out press releases about the value of domains

Police uses exotic sports cars in Dubai.

Police in Dubai use exotic sports cars, a demonstration of wealth.

The game of “wishful thinking” among promoters of domain auctions started with the categorization of as a “$30 million USD domain.

This pompous reference to about to become the priciest domain name in history came with no supporting evidence from industry experts; the latter would include professional domain brokers or established domain auction venues such as Sedo. is a very nice domain, indeed, but is it absolutely fantastic to the tune of scoring a $30 million dollar sale?

Following this wishful thinking approach, other domain owners are now capitalizing on the apparent “fever” caused by expected numbers, as opposed to confirmed domain sales.

The owners of are now promoting the domain with a $5 million price tag, to be auctioned along with other regional geodomains during World Travel Market, later this year.

Whether is worth $5 million or not, it remains to be seen; until the end of the auction, however, the most expensive domain ever sold is

Link to the fanfare about, here.

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