Sedo sale of ѕех.com did not go through

Sedo auctioned off the domain ѕех.com a few days ago; despite quite a bit of interest and a closing of $4,600 dollars, the domain has not changed hands. Sometimes it takes a bit of time, but in this case it seems that whoever bid $4,600 dollars for the domain ѕех.com – an IDN domain – […]

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Sex sells, so how much did ѕех.com sell for?

Sex sells, and on the Internet there is a massive amount of it. There is sex everywhere, even on! Sedo auctioned off ѕех.com recently, and although this particular domain auction was for an IDN domain, it attracted lots of bids still. So how much did it end up selling for? After a total of […]

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ѕех.com in auction at Sedo – how much will it sell for?

The domain name ѕех.com is now listed for sale at Sedo, with less than 10 hours to go. Many domain investors looking for adult domain names might be attracted to the raw simplicity of the most sought-after element in life: Sex. And yet, this domain, that boasts 703 offer views and 43 bids, is in […]

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Domain quickies : Bunch of short .Sex domains on a Dynadot expired auction

When it comes to domains, shorter is better. A bunch of short .Sex domains that expired are being auctioned off at Dynadot, and if you really want a two digit, two letter or three digit .Sex domain, now it’s your chance. We counted a total of 168 such .Sex domains, including the following “gems:” […]

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ICM Registry drops its adult gTLD pricing to as low as $7.85

The ICM Registry announced that it’s dropping its pricing, for the quartet of adult gTLDs: .XXX, .Porn, .Sex and .Adult. The promotion is for a limited time only, and prices start from as low as $7.85 dollars on all generally available domains. To search for available domains, go to Buy.XXX. In addition to this promotion, […]

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New Statesman : ICM Registry gTLDs amount for a “huge proportion” of online porn

An article at the New Statesman about age verification implementation on the Internet, asserts that ICM Registry gTLDs account “for a huge proportion of online porn.” The article references dot .XXX, dot .porn and dot .sex, leaving out dot .adult for some reason. The article’s claim that the ICM Registry commands the majority of online […]

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Domainers : Make time for some .Sex today

The Internet’s obsession with adult content isn’t new. Since the dawn of online time, the adult industry provided plenty of seeding to the Internet’s economy. Many had asked for adult content online to be segregated, and the official launch of dot .SEX achieves that. The ICM Registry, managers of adult-themed gTLDs, .XXX, .Adult and .Porn, […]

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Stuart Lawley : Celebrating 12 years at the helm of the ICM Registry

The new gTLD program appears to be a common reality these days, but in the months before the final approval of hundreds of gTLD strings, dot .XXX led the pack. Stuart Lawley, Chairman and President of the ICM Registry LLC, celebrates 12 years as a domain industry innovator with the company. A little bit of […]

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Father Domainicus and the Domain Church of .XXX, .Adult, .Porn and .Sex

Greetings and salutations, my brothers and sisters in domaining; this is Father Domainicus, returning from a long sabbatical. On this fine Sunday eve, I would like to bring your attention to the subject of pornography in our Congregation. Many members of our Domain Church often raise the question: “Father Domainicus, should I invest in pornographic […]

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An announcement by the ICM Registry CEO, Stuart Lawley, about the traffic results and other stats of – the adult search engine: “We are delighted with the first weeks activity of over 1.2 million uniques and almost 8 million page-views. Traffic is settling down to a more predictable pattern as expected after the initial […]

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ICM Registry: More than 100,000 uniques for

The ICM Registry – managers of the .XXX gTLD – announced that their newest project, the adult search engine has passed a double milestone: “ is thrilled to announce that we just passed 100K unique visitors and 500K searches since we launched!” The success is almost certain, given the mixed nature of regular […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. – The Catholic Search engine to go live

The Vatican – or Holy See as it’s known to the faithful – is launching its own religious search engine, to combat promiscuity and online pornography. Launching from, the upcoming portal will address the issues of carnal pleasure and sins of the flesh. “It is important that Christians understand the moral twists that one […]

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