Thai king gets Queen #Suthida : Dot .com #domain of Thailand’s new royalty

Queen Suthida is the name of Thailand’s new royalty, after King Maha Vajiralongkorn appointed his chief of security as the country’s queen; the official coronation is on Saturday. What a better time to start registering relevant domain names, right? Sure enough, got registered yesterday, May 1st, according to DomainTools. Its registrant hopes to receive […]

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Danish flowers : Rick Schwartz schools on RDNH

Rick Schwartz won the UDRP with a RDNH finding, and he’s been busy schooling the Danish florist, Knud Jepsen A/S has been added to the HallOfShame repository of UDRP aggressors, linking the owners to a despicable practice against a generic domain. The Domain King also broke his blogging silence, posting after months […]

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Queen and Save Me : Two RDNH decisions in one song

Rick Schwartz’s double-whammy consists of UDRP victories, coupled with a finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH.) First came, the 2012 case that forever established the Brazilian aggressor company as a reverse domain name hijacker poster boy. The recent case of which ended with a Rick Schwartz triumph, sets new standards in how […]

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Rick Schwartz has followed up on his promise to add Danish company, Knud Jepsen A/S, on In a monumental case involving the aged domain,, the Danish florist lost with a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking finding. The entry on Hall of Shame, a repository of cases involving domains that were unjustly pursued via […]

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Five reasons why Rick Schwartz won the UDRP with RDNH

As predicted yesterday, Rick Schwartz won the UDRP for with a finding of RDNH, delivered by a three member panel at the WIPO. Muscovitch Law P.C., was the legal counsel for Mr. Schwartz, defending the domain on his behalf. A finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is an indication that the UDRP filing […]

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The decision on the UDRP against, a generic, aged domain owned by Rick Schwartz should be delivered soon. A poll among DomainGang readers shows that 50% of voters believe a finding of “Reverse Domain Name Hijacking” is probable in this case. While 38% of votes predict a win for the Domain King without a […]

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Poll: Is Rick Schwartz going to “kill” it with

It’s been almost two months since a Danish florist filed a UDRP against Rick Schwartz‘s premium domain is not only generic, it’s also aged; after 19 years in Rick’s possession it’s one of the oldest domain names to be taken through the UDRP process. Most UDRP cases don’t take two months to complete, which […]

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WIPO panelists enjoy perusing UDRP

The ongoing UDRP against has stirred lots of ire across the domain investments community. Nineteen years after its acquisition by Rick Schwartz, this generic gem of a domain is being challenged by a Danish florist. The UDRP against was filed more than a month ago, on April 4th, and as it’s still live; […]

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Domain Memes : Where did you get those flowers from?

Our Domain Memes series depict short, fun snapshots of events related to the domain industry, whether about funny or more serious incidents. Today’s domain meme is about the debacle, and the apparent chutzpah of a Danish florist company to challenge the ownership of the aged, generic domain via the UDRP process. As Rick Schwartz […]

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Domain King trumps over far-reaching UDRP

Rick Schwartz, the Domain King®, is preparing a massive legal salvo against, the Danish florist company challenging his premium domain name, Not only is Rick Schwartz prepared to successfully defend this aggressive move by the Danish florist company, he’s going on the offensive, and it’s already looking nuclear. What has Rick done so […]

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Sex sells, so how much did ѕех.com sell for?

Sex sells, and on the Internet there is a massive amount of it. There is sex everywhere, even on! Sedo auctioned off ѕех.com recently, and although this particular domain auction was for an IDN domain, it attracted lots of bids still. So how much did it end up selling for? After a total of […]

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