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Domain Memes : Where did you get those flowers from?

Our Domain Memes series depict short, fun snapshots of events related to the domain industry, whether about funny or more serious incidents. Today’s domain meme is about the Queen.com debacle, and the apparent chutzpah of a Danish florist company to challenge the ownership of the aged, generic domain via the UDRP process. As Rick Schwartz […]

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Blah blah Flowers.mobi blah blah

When you theorize the obvious and need 11 points to make it, at least open your comments to receive some necessary feedback, especially when you attempt to distort what we wrote. So here’s a response via our publication instead. Nowhere did we mention that Rick Schwartz sold Flowers.mobi at a loss on purpose. Perhaps Reading […]

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Smart sale of Flowers.mobi has Domainers scratching their heads in amazement

The much publicized acquisition of Flowers.mobi by Rick Schwartz for $200,000 in 2006 isn’t quite as big, as the news of its sale at TRAFFIC South Beach for a mere $6,500. In just 4 years, the domain Flowers.mobi depreciated 96.75% by being sold for $6,500 to a guy that signs off as “Anunt” on various […]

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