Five reasons why Rick Schwartz won the UDRP with RDNH

Rick Schwartz and Frank Schilling at the Caymans.

As predicted yesterday, Rick Schwartz won the UDRP for with a finding of RDNH, delivered by a three member panel at the WIPO.

Muscovitch Law P.C., was the legal counsel for Mr. Schwartz, defending the domain on his behalf.

A finding of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking is an indication that the UDRP filing was without merit, and lacked any substance to its very core.

Team Schwartz should be on cloud nine currently, and without doubt the Domain King is preparing to unleash a major salvo against the Complainants, Knud Jepsen A/S of Denmark.

As it is well-known, is a repository of such cases, owned by Rick Schwartz, and it is expected that the case of will soon be added.

There are several reasons why the UDRP against ended up with a RDNH finding, and here are 5 of those reasons:

  • The QUEEN mark was local to Denmark and not famous at all, when was acquired. The US trademark was only registered in 2015.
  • Queen is a generic word, that can apply to deliver adult content, as in the case of
  • The Complainant, failed to disclose that they attempted to buy the domain.
  • Knud Jepsen A/S falsely attested that “offering adult and pornographic content cannot be considered a bona fide offering of goods or services.”
  • The panel called the UDRP “a classic Plan B” case where a party, having been frustrated in its negotiations to buy a domain name, resorts to the ultimate option of a highly contrived and artificial claim not supported by any evidence or the plain wording of the UDRP.

Congratulations to Rick Schwartz for winning this monumental case; it will help establish a new paradigm in how Reverse Domain Name Hijackers get publicly exposed.

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