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Thai king gets Queen #Suthida : Dot .com #domain of Thailand’s new royalty

Queen Suthida is the name of Thailand’s new royalty, after King Maha Vajiralongkorn appointed his chief of security as the country’s queen; the official coronation is on Saturday.

What a better time to start registering relevant domain names, right?

Sure enough, QueenSuthida.com got registered yesterday, May 1st, according to DomainTools.

QueenSuthida.com – Photo by Shirly Niv Marton on Unsplash

Its registrant hopes to receive 10,000 GBP in exchange for the domain, which sounds like a king’s ransom. One can get Suthida.com for just $2,195 dollars from HugeDomains.

Thailand’s Queen Suthida is a former air stewardess of Thai Airways, aged 40 years old, and she met the king on a flight. She’s also the chief of his personal security – now that’s a person of complete trust!

Maybe Rick Schwartz, the Domain King, should try to sell the domain Queen.com to the rich king of Thailand?

Now that would be the ultimate joint venture between two kings! 😀

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One Response to “Thai king gets Queen #Suthida : Dot .com #domain of Thailand’s new royalty”
  1. BullS says:

    Queen belongs to Bohemian Rhapsody!!!

    We will we will ROCK YOu!!

    Whoever registered QueenSuthida.com will be thrown in the Thai jail, they have damn strict weird internet law

    Can she sings and rock her A***SSS like in the movie?

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