Unplug Russia: An #ICANN president with balls supports internet sanctions

An ICANN president with testicular fortitude supports internet sanctions that would disable key functions on Russian web sites.

That’s not Göran Marby, the current ICANN CEO, who flat out refused to get ICANN involved. The man with balls is Mike Roberts, founding president of ICANN from 1998 to 2001.

Mr. Roberts is supporting the development of “a targeted internet sanctions system” that will address important global events, such as the genocide that is taking place in Ukraine currently. Two weeks ago, Russia invaded its much smaller neighbor and has been committing war crimes that are being documented. A global sanction system is in place to deprive Russia of financial resources that sustain its war.

A draft letter was signed by Mr. Mike Roberts along with Bart Groothuis, member of EU parliament, Netherlands; Bill Woodcock, executive director of Packet Clearing House; Ihab Osman, non-executive director of ICANN, Felix Reda, former member of EU parliament, Germany; Jeff Moss, president of DEF CON; Niels ten Oever, post-doc researcher at the University of Amsterdam; Runa Sandvik, security researcher; and Kurt Opsahl, deputy executive director and general counsel of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

This is a step in the right direction! For more information visit The Register.

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4 Responses to “Unplug Russia: An #ICANN president with balls supports internet sanctions”
  1. BUlls says:

    ICANN, IOC, FIFA, WHO– all these organizations are being bought and manipulated by Russia and China

  2. Kevin Murphy says:

    This letter is actually perfectly consistent with ICANN’s position with regards Ukraine’s request to unplug Russia. It pretty much specifically endorses and repeats that position, in fact.

  3. Sky says:

    Those balls will only be good as a gyroscope on the way down a slippery slope.

    No conflict ever got resolved or prevented by removing opposing sides voices. Their abilities to communicate, express themselves or otherwise exchange thoughts, feelings, ideas or information, in any way shape or form, with themselves or each other.

  4. Sky says:

    Dialogue without which you have only cold curtains of propaganda and identikit clusters of tabloid smalltalk reverberating through society with populations on either side of conflict believing not only different “truths” in an echo chamber ghetto but reacting in scewed, untempered ways they otherwise wouldn’t had their cross-border relations, cultural exchanges and grassroot dialogues been preserved.

    Pyramid schemes of anger and hatred ignited by fear, ignorance, power, obedience, greed, frustration, spin, control, one-up-manship, profit & reward in a spiralling combustion engine of doom. A heirachy from which being what the world’s currently dealing with in a fallout from the post-soviet era. Pent up repression led by wrongfully rewarded powerbases propping up corrupt leaders who in turn act as its glue. It’s what warlords dream of. But communication & free expression are the antidotes to war. In international relations they even have a name; diplomacy.

    i do love how Mr Roberts has an action hero name though to match this idea of macho bravado; it sounds like the part of a book you stopped reading in a book that you never did read.

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