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Sedo: Chinese #domain traffic dropping while Iranian is increasing

The ongoing decline of domain traffic from China has baffled some domain investors that park their portfolios at Sedo. During the past 30 days, the drop in Chinese domain traffic has increased – leading to zero traffic from China for some investors. What used to be a live metric indicating interest originating from China, presumably […]

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Six months later : SEO benefits of using #hashtags in #domain related posts

In late November 2017, DomainGang decided to embark on an SEO experiment: using hashtags in the post headlines. Six months have passed since, and we have some interesting results to share. But first, some background information on the use of hashtags. By adding the hashtag symbol (#) before specific, article-related keywords, we add emphasis and […]

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Bad economy? All email spam Legal by 2014

The Obama administration is looking into new, unexplored options in order to rejuvenate the current state of bad economy. Not content with keeping the US military employed for at least 2 more years by assaulting Libya, the US Government is now switching focus to another form of unwanted bombing: Spam. Long considered to be a […]

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