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Bad economy? All email spam Legal by 2014

The Obama administration is looking into new, unexplored options in order to rejuvenate the current state of bad economy.

Not content with keeping the US military employed for at least 2 more years by assaulting Libya, the US Government is now switching focus to another form of unwanted bombing: Spam.

Long considered to be a futile form of flooding one’s email box with everything from viagra tablets to remote controlled helicopter toys, spam is now the new weapon to fight unemployment in the US.

Domainers can now help, under a new government-sanctioned program, that will utilize your stagnant domains and their traffic.

“After meeting with chief officers of two major domain industry conferences, we have come to an agreement; the term ‘cybersquatter’ will not apply to domain investors any more”, said Tonya McLifford, executive assistant of the newly formed Domainer Information Initiative.

“Under the new provision, all traffic from existing domain names that join our initiative will be diverted to government-funded programs that will monetize domainer traffic and offer options for end-users to further join our mailing lists. We plan to eradicate the term ‘spam’ as well by 2014”, she added.

Asked whether this is a euphemism for government propaganda spam, Miss McLifford declined to comment, pointing us to the “chief officers” of the “two major domain industry conferences” instead for details about the signed agreement.

Although current PPC models show a steady decline, whether they should be switched with the government Domainer Information Initiative, it’s yet to be seen; it’s unkown how many domainers will join forces with the US government in order to supplement their income.

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3 Responses to “Bad economy? All email spam Legal by 2014”
  1. 3ddi3 says:

    As long as end-users double-opt in the mailing lists then it’s not spam.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    3ddi3 – Uncle Sam is getting tech savvier 😛

  3. BullS says:

    All email spam Legal by 2014…so is Obama Health care law.

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