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#Domains & #guns: GunBroker.com to sell for $240,000,000 dollars

Publicly traded company Ammo Inc (Nasdaq:POWW) recently announced, that on February 11th, they agreed to purchase GunBroker.com for an estimated $240 million dollars in cash and stock.

GunBroker.com is the world’s leading online marketplace for the legal sale of firearms, ammunition and accessories with over 6 million registered users.

That’s a lot of ammo.  But, before you go out and start registering gun related names, be aware that the GunBroker.com deal isn’t a domain purchase. Gun Broker is the world largest exchange, considered by many to be the Craigslist of weapons.


There are other large gun exchanges like ArmsList.com; however, looking at the Alexa ranks, Gun Broker has significantly more traffic.

Despite all this, if you can’t resist and decide to invest in gun related names, be aware that most ad and parking (PPC) providers do not allow gun related domains to be monetized on their systems.  Google will not allow you to monetize them, many PPC providers ban them, and some hosts will even cancel service.

In a country where there are more guns than people, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that GunBroker.com sold at such a high price. In the meantime, domain investors will have to wait and see if that has a trickle down effect over the next year.

Story kudos: Dale G.

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