Geo-domain for sale, no longer a cannabis portal

The ultra-premium geo-domain is up for sale, having switched from being a cannabis, weed, and CBD oil portal of sorts.

Capitalizing on the liberal laws of Colorado, became a portal for fans of marijuana not too long ago.

It was a surprise move away from the typical content that hosted prior: Information and news about Denver, Colorado.

There’s a back story to this, as Mr. Peter Niederman, owner of, had a successful career as the owner of Kentwood Real Estate; that multi-billion dollar generating real estate business was sold in 2016 to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.

Although the assorted domains and were part of the deal, wasn’t. Mr. Peter Niederman recognized the power of geodomains, and had spent seven figures to get previously.

Now, is for sale, as its landing page reveals, alongside other premium digital real estate (domains) owned by Mr. Peter Niederman:


Want to buy the domain

Email Mr. Peter Niederman directly at making sure you’ll be offering seven figures at a minimum.

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