Cheap brokers, rude attitude, and chicken feed

Better watch your attitude, cheap brokers.

If you are a domain reseller looking for chicken feed, offering 4 to 5 figures, or working for a small business, don’t bother!

All these are exclusions from being considered for the domain name, according to the landing page. The same page has existed with fewer requirements since at least 2015, according to

It all makes sense.

Its Korean registrant would sell you the domain if you’re a polite CEO of a multi-million dollar company, offering six figures at a minimum. No chicken feeders here! 🙂

Of course, there’s a caveat.

While Securi is not a bad brandable about security, it’s too close to Sucuri, an actual company about domain security acquired by GoDaddy in 2017. This brand proximity might be limiting the amount any loaded CEO might be willing to spend on this aged domain name.

Kudos: Bogdan via Twitter.


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