Brannans shares list of ultra-premium domains in auction

Brannans, the domain brokerage founded by domain investor and broker, David Clements, announced a big list of ultra-premium domains currently in auction. The auction requires registration to commence bidding on these domains. Here’s a list of these top notch domain names offered via the Brannans auction: […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. After $50,000 in marketing recharge, brokerage team is optimistic

David Clements and his Brannans Brokerage outfit took the domain to a global event. The goal was to find potential buyers, but also to educate the professional crowds of the energy industry about domains and brands. To achieve that goal, David’s team invested almost $50,000 dollars in sponsorship, printing, financial guarantees, hotel, and travel […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Aged geo-domain enters market under brokerage by Brannans

The aged geo-domain name, registered in 1993, is now up for acquisition. Its decades-long registrant has enlisted domain brokers Brannans to handle inquiries, signaling a change of heart after years of unsolicited offers. The domain’s history mirrors the timeless allure of the Italian city of Florence, famed for its artistic and cultural heritage. Brannans’ […]

Copyright © 2024 · All Rights Reserved. Icy cool domain now available for acquisition!

The icy cool domain is available for acquisition, being brokered exclusively by David Clements of Brannans Brokerage. Priced to sell at $250,000 dollars, was registered in 1995 and has been the domain of Glacier Real Estate Finance. The company was founded in 1976 and is a commercial mortgage banking firm in Seattle and […]

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David Clements : Latest domain newsletter from Brannan’s

Never understood why this popular domain newsletter is called Brannan‘s, when it’s operated by David Clements. If it were David Brannan, it’d make more sense. 😀 Regardless, David Clements brokers domain names priced to sell, and we often share the current issue of his domain newsletter. Let’s be fair, not every domain investor appreciates every […]

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Brannan’s domain newsletter : Trisha, gene research and her new baby

David Clements, domain broker for the Brannan’s brokerage outfit, sent out the latest domain newsletter. There are many worthy domains on this current list, and some clearly stand out for their generic nature, or potential. Take, for example, For $25,000 dollars it’s a great name – if your name is Trisha. I know at […]

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Brannan’s : Latest domain mega-sale is all about .me

Domain brokerage outfit, Brannan’s, is having a grand domain sale, and it’s all about .me domains. Used by many companies and individuals alike, the Montenegro ccTLD domains are recognized both as brands and as “Generic Country Code Top Level Domains” by Google. Domain broker David Clements, Brannan’s founder, is currently seeking buyers for such .me […]

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Brannan’s : Calling all healthcare domain submissions

Brannan‘s, the domain outfit of broker David Clements, is once again stocking up on inventory. This week’s theme is a combination of healthcare, insurance and medical industry keywords. These particular keywords are known for their increased PPC, even at times when parking revenue has diminished. In other words, if you own domains that fall in […]

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Brannan’s : Latest list contains over 100 .com domains for sale

Brannan’s, the domain brokerage outfit of broker David Clements, has just published a list of more than 100 .com domains at discounted prices. The terms of the current sale special involve getting a minimum of two domains, for $600 each, using Quick sales are encouraged and preferred, and sales are on a first come […]

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Brannan’s : Domain brokerage newsletter seeking geo-domains and LLLL .com

Brannan’s, the domain brokerage outfit of broker David Clements, starts the new year with a request for domain submissions. Just like previous calls, there is a specific theme: geo-domains and LLLL .com domain names. According to the request: “Over the years, we have bought and sold countless Geo Domains. On this run we are mainly […]

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Brannan’s is currently seeking motivated domain sellers

Domain broker outfit, “Brannan’s“, has been quite active in recent months, selling a wide range of quality inventory. David Clements, manager of the Brannan’s domain newsletter, is currently seeking fresh inventory. The domain categories are as follows – examples in parentheses : ( ( ( ( ( ( Another […]

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Domain newsletter : Get some Georgia Peaches, a Nooner and some Rare Stamps

There’s an absolute stellar selection of domain names in the latest Brannan’s domain newsletter, by broker David Clements. Normally, we would not post two of those specials in a week, but the quality – and price – of the inventory offered, is top notch. If you’re looking to invest in a single name – or […]

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