After $50,000 in marketing recharge, brokerage team is optimistic

David Clements and his Brannans Brokerage outfit took the domain to a global event.

The goal was to find potential buyers, but also to educate the professional crowds of the energy industry about domains and brands.

To achieve that goal, David’s team invested almost $50,000 dollars in sponsorship, printing, financial guarantees, hotel, and travel to attend at the battery show. While there was no outright sale or acquisition agreement this week, the team is jubilant about the event’s success.

Said David Clements:

“We also got the domain name,, in front of some very interesting people.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are flowing into batteries at the moment. This industry is seeing VC funding regularly in the 8- and 9-figures. We met decision makers and/or founders at several companies including really smart folks at Lyten – they raised $200MM this week, an amazing team at

Our Next Energy (ONE) – they raised $300MM earlier this year, and a third group that’s killing it at Advanced Battery Concepts. They’re looking to raise $50-100MM later this year and I don’t think they’re going to have any problem doing just that!”

As future events raise more awareness about the importance of domain names as brand and corporate name enhancers, we’re confident that will sell not too long from now. Congratulations to David Clements and his team for investing in the future of energy & batteries. was auctioned off two years ago via No reported sale took place at the time.


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