Deleted by #HugeDomains, caught by Gname

It’s official: HugeDomains has killed the domain

In November, we pointed out that despite an expiration date of June 8, 2025, was in redemption, all while HugeDomains removed it from its inventory of domains for sale: - Historic WHOIS record via DomainTools – Historic WHOIS record via DomainTools

Apparently, was intentionally deleted by HugeDomains, as it was registered at NameBright, the sister company of HugeDomains.

The domain was available to acquire via the huge domain inventory at HugeDomains in March, right as Russia had began its criminal invasion of Ukraine on the orders of Vladimir Putin. HugeDomains has several more “Putin” domains for sale.

Could it be that someone filed a complaint or did HugeDomains receive threats?

Needless to say, was picked up and its Gname that scored the domain that matches the keywords “kill Putin.” The domain is now listed for sale at, with an asking price of $5,500 dollars.

Who the heck is Gname, you might ask.

According to DomainIncite, it’s an up-and-coming registrar based in Singapore; they recently added 100 new ICANN-accredited “shell” registrars to capture domain drops. As it was HugeDomains that dropped the domain, they did not engage DropCatch, the drop-catching outfit giant and a sister company; Gname caught it easily.

It remains to be seen if will survive this new registration cycle, expiring on December 2, 2023.

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One Response to “ Deleted by #HugeDomains, caught by Gname”
  1. BullS says:

    Company:GNAME.COM PTE. LTD.
    Address:6, BATTERY ROAD, #29-02/03, SINGAPORE

    If you spit a damn chewin gum, you go to jail and maybe 12+ rattan on your a+ss butt
    If you just critique the govt, you won’t see the daylight at all.
    Don’t be surprised the Gname will be gone soon

    Victory to Ukraine
    Victory to Ukraine
    Victory to Ukraine!!

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