Dan + Afternic: Out of sync

Recent updates at Dan.com triggered a range of frustrating sentiments to domain investors, who had to rush in and tweak account settings once again.

What took place:

Portfolio holders at GoDaddy-owned Dan received a system update and while things looked normal, a little “devil” flipped the Afternic Integration switch from OFF to ON, at least for those that had disabled it.

In effect, domains with a BIN price or with a BIN and Make Offer setup were promptly funneled out to Afternic, without any second warning. Not everyone wants to use Afternic and we don’t really intend to write a book of reasons why, just one: Right of choice.

The integration switch had to be manually turned off by disgruntled users; several days later, Dan.com claims that the issue was a “glitch” that affected “some” accounts and that it was a “synchronization issue.”

Dan & Afternic out of sync!?

One has to take these statements with a big fat sack of salt, however; many domain investors received the latest system upgrade without the switch flipping; then, overnight, the switch was flipped on its own. This indicates intent of cross-account switching past the initial rollout of the system updates at Dan.com.

Unfortunately there is no trust left among many domain investors that this won’t happen again.

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