Latest Dan product update automatically “opts in” domains to Afternic

The latest product update at (product update 8) carries several improvements that emphasize the great expandability of the platform designed by, already a superb platform prior to GoDaddy acquiring it last summer.

Global domain description edits, for example, minimize the task load of domain portfolio holders.

Lease to own (LTO) transactions are now importable, meaning that you can bring in such a lead at a 10% fee cost. There’s no doubt that GoDaddy mandated this change to capture leads that are leaking out to other platforms, such as, at a much lower cost. The dashboard and stats also get a series of UX improvements.

But there is one change that should cause a lot of concern to domain investors operating their portfolios with a BIN price setting: Automatic opt-in to Afternic listings.

According to the release:

The settings already include a switch that turns ON and OFF the Afternic distribution network. It seems that regardless of that setting, domains that carry a BIN only price are now “opted-in” to Afternic, with no clear indication of how this setting can be overruled. should clarify all this.

Bottom line: Apparently, it doesn’t matter what your personal choices are, GoDaddy finds a way to bypass them. Perhaps the next update will automatically force all listings to become Afternic listings, much like the infamous incident with the Uni Market.

Update: So far the global switch for turning on/off the Afternic network integration appears to remain unchanged. However, a new data column marked “Afternic price” was added, displaying domains with BIN prices; these prices are grayed out if the domains aren’t listed on Afternic. According to the product update release:

It also will no longer be possible to maintain a different price across platforms.

With the Uni Market becoming obsolete on April 18th, this leaves as the only GoDaddy-owned alternative to using Afternic. In the future, GoDaddy might decide to increase its Afternic pricing, a service they claim it’s valued at 25% as far as commission fees go. That exorbitant fee is currently imposed on any domain sales taking place on GoDaddy marketplaces, all while the domains use nameservers not on an approved list.

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