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LLL #domain : Auction of RXJ .com ended at #DropCatch at expected price range

The auction of RXJ.com ended moments ago at DropCatch, and the newest three letter .com domain on the planet will soon have a new owner. After a whopping 232 bids from 69 bidders, the auction of RXJ.com, a three letter domain consisting of perfectly “Chinese premium” letters, ended at $25,715 dollars. The high bidder was […]

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#RXJ .com : World’s youngest three letter .com #domain is going cheap!

The three letter domain RXJ.com dropped a little over two days ago. As with many other valuable domains, it was caught by DropCatch, the domain-dropcatching sidekick of HugeDomains. RXJ.com is now being auctioned at DropCatch, with a day to go and a current high bid of $14,250 dollars. Originally registered in 2000, this “Chinese premium […]

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