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#DropCatch does it again: NJD.com is the newest #LLL .com #domain on the planet!

DropCatch has done it again, grabbing the domain NJD.com after it expired and dropped. Last week, it was RXJ.com – a domain that was sold for $25,715 dollars. The newest three letter .com (LLL) on the planet has a registration date of May 13, 2018. Originally registered in 1997, NJD.com is a premium “Chinese letters” […]

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Shocking: Aged #domain name Soft.org dropped!

The aged, super-generic domain Soft.org dropped a few days ago. Domain-catching service, DropCatch, managed to re-register it on the drop; Soft.org was originally registered in 2000. The domain has been in the hands of a Korean registrant since then, but in late November 2017 they apparently failed to renew it. The ongoing auction for Soft.org […]

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DropCatch lowers certain backorders to $15 dollars per domain

DropCatch, the domain drop-catching service operating from DropCatch.com, has made an announcement regarding its pricing of certain domains. According to their email, .ORG domain backorders will be discounted for the entire month of September, down to $15 dollars. Regularly priced at $59 dollars, such backorders would help boost the market share of DropCatch, which is […]

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