#DropCatch : Redesigned #domain auction platform out of beta

DropCatch, the domain catching and auctioning platform revealed its new public web site today.

The new design goes light on graphics and gains considerable speed, offering a clean user interface.

A few weeks ago, DropCatch invited beta testers to contribute to its newly revealed platform:

“As a Beta user on the next generation of DropCatch.com, we will ask you to provide feedback on the site and of your experience, as well as report any issues you encounter.”

The new interface is mobile-friendly and retains the corporate colors, red, white and gray, while shifting unnecessary items to a drop down menu.

Filters are extremely fast, and are highlighted as seen below:

The new DropCatch offers a pleasant user experience, with better visuals, functionality, and a fast layout that beats rivals GoDaddy and NameJet.

We’d like to see a countdown clock in live auctions, but this is a great start for DropCatch! 😀

Update: The clock is actually live, although seconds aren’t displayed.

Check it out at DropCatch.com.

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6 Responses to “#DropCatch : Redesigned #domain auction platform out of beta”
  1. DropCatch team here, thank you for the great review of our redesign! We do actually have a countdown clock for auctions that is real time and does not require a refresh of the page! You will see it countdown by the minute until the auction time approaches, then you will see it by the seconds.

    We hope everyone enjoys using the new site!

  2. DomainGang says:

    DropCatch – You are correct! The minute clock takes…60 seconds to change! Any chance of adding seconds? 🙂

  3. Alech says:

    @Dropcatch,did you do away with the discount club?How do we find it?

  4. DropCatch Team says:

    @DomainGang – the seconds clock kicks in once the auction has less than 30 minutes remaining. Which you can see now that auctions are ending in 30 minutes!

    @Alech You must be logged in to access Discount Club: https://www.dropcatch.com/buying/discount-club

  5. Alech says:

    @Dropcatch,where is the dashboard also showing my backordered domains?Seems like its no more there.I like to see the names I backordered as well before close of backordering.All that is missing.

  6. DomainGang says:

    Alech – Just go to https://www.dropcatch.com/account/buying-activity and log in as needed.

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