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Aquisition .com in auction : Who is going to buy that typo #domain for $X,XXX ?

These days it’s imperative to check for domain typos, especially when you are about to spend money on a domain like Aquisition.com. What is going on here? Oh, that’s right, the proper word is acquisition, and thus, the domain name Acquisition.com is NOT the one being auctioned at DropCatch right now. Still, the typo domain […]

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#Sunglasses! A #domain keyword with 1.7 billion results just sold in the .ORG TLD

Sunglasses! It’s what you absolutely need if you live in Florida, and the domain Sunglasses.org just got auctioned. The “sunglasses” keyword returns a massive 1.78 billion results in Google, making it a niche market with plenty of popularity. It’s a lucrative market, and when one’s sunglass business gets disrupted due to domain name hijacking, it […]

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