Investors: You can only sell this domain

You can only sell this domain once, they say—unless you buy it back. In the case of, domain investor, entrepreneur, and social media darling, Braden Pollock, acquired the domain seeking an once in a lifetime sale. was registered in 1998, although it most definitely existed prior and somehow dropped. The domain was […]

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Gosh! What a great industry. The matching domain,, changed hands recently between two active domain investors. Domain investor, Andy Booth, acquired this gem recently, only to part ways with it very quickly. Who bought it? None other than Braden Pollock of Legal Brand Domains, who took home among an ever-growing collection of ultra […]

Copyright © 2022 · All Rights Reserved. : Was this the biggest .CO #domain sale of 2016?

The internet is 99% about sex, or so it seems. Adult content in more or less graphic format has existed since before the commercialization of the internet and has sustained it since. It goes without saying that sex-related domain names can sell for big bucks and for several years the sale of was gracing […]

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Failed app? No worries – #domain has changed hands is no longer a failed app on the Google Play store, as it’s taken a detour and in the possession of a popular domain investor, Braden Pollock. Legal Brand Domains appear to have acquired this great domain a few days ago. Changes to the WHOIS indicate that the transaction occurred on September 24. Formerly […]

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Canadian #cannabis merchant acquired

When you think of a mood ring, it brings back memories from the funky 70s. on the other hand is a brand new range of cannabis products, with a reference to whatever you’re in the mood for. The domain was acquired by self-proclaimed cannabis merchant, Lisa Campbell, an enterprising Canadian involved with the commercial […]

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Mike Mann : Schilling trumps Schwartz, as do other #domainers!

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Mike Mann, made a strange statement today, regarding who is a better domainer – Frank Schilling, or Rick Schwartz. Following a series of tweets staking claim to the “Domain King” title, Mike Mann now shared a number of domain investors, all “dramatically better” domainers than Rick Schwartz: Frank Schilling is also […]

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#Domainer auction : Braden Pollock acquires EndUser .com

Domain investor and legal marketing aficionado, Braden Pollock, has acquired the domain name, The domain was sold twice in recent memory on NameJet, first in October for $4,100 dollars, and then again three days ago, selling for $4,600 dollars. In other words, its previous owner made a $425 flip profit in just over two […]

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Number 8 : Single digit .ORG in the hands of a domain investor

PIR, the .ORG domain registry, launched Project 94 a few years ago; the allocation of one or two letter/number .ORG domains to benefit communities. When .ORG first emerged in 1985, certain policies and recommendations required that a registry “set aside” a select number of domain names for future registration. Among this group of reserved names […]

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Braden Pollock lands new job at the Laugh Factory club in Las Vegas

Domain investor and wine connoisseur, Braden Pollock, is on a new fork to his successful career path. Following a previous short stint in abstract painting, the popular domainer will perform at the prestigious Laugh Factory Club in Las Vegas, from January 1, 2018. “I was invited to join the Laugh Factory Club as a platinum […]

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Buying Domains from owners : Braden Pollock and Joe Styler video

Ever wanted to learn what it takes to get a domain owner to sell their domain to you? Sometimes it takes flowers, and not being a jerk! Industry professional, Braden Pollock, has many years of experience as both a buyer and seller of domain names. Pollock has negotiated sales from the four to the seven […]

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GoDaddy : I’ll have whatever domain they’re having!

Sometimes, it just so happens and the domain you want is already taken – but that doesn’t mean it’s off the market! What would be the next logical step, to acquire the domain “they’re having” ? This coming Monday, November 16th, join Joe Styler of GoDaddy, and Braden Pollock, in a Hangouts discussion. The two […]

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Diana Jackson’s painting : How much will it fetch at THE Domain Conference?

Diana Jackson is an accomplished painter that just so happens to be domainer Ron Jackson’s wife. The Jacksons have been the heart and soul of domain conferences for years, and this time around at THE Domain Conference‘s debut. As part of the Water School event aimed at soliciting donations for impoverished nations and their provision […]

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