Canadian #cannabis merchant acquired

When you think of a mood ring, it brings back memories from the funky 70s. on the other hand is a brand new range of cannabis products, with a reference to whatever you’re in the mood for.

The domain was acquired by self-proclaimed cannabis merchant, Lisa Campbell, an enterprising Canadian involved with the commercial aspect of cannabis products. was sold in July for a reported $30,000 dollars, by Braden Pollock’s Legal Brand Marketing.

Considering the size of the cannabis industry worldwide and Canada in particular, the domain’s acquisition price was most likely a steal. But don’t feel bad for Braden, he spent a mere $2,501 dollars to get it via GoDaddy auctions, 8 months ago! was recently unveiled by “a bunch of fun-loving peeps” going all out to deliver the highest quality, most environmentally friendly cannabis products imaginable.

You have to be an adult to visit

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