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Virtual Commodity: Legal Brand Marketing taps the .VC #domain market

Braden Pollock – Legal Brand Marketing

Braden Pollock of Legal Brand Marketing scored a six figure sale with Interlock.com, according to DNJournal.

The $100k sale is a healthy cushion regardless of the domain’s acquisition cost.

It seems that as a “venture capitalist” Braden is now investing in .VC domain names. The obscure ccTLD of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is licensed by the tiny south Caribbean cluster of islands, and it’s running a discounted domain sale across several registrars, apparently.

So which .VC domains is Legal Brand Market registering?

According to a quick search, the following are fresh .VC registrations:

  • greek.vc
  • barn.vc
  • beard.vc
  • member.vc
  • pension.vc
  • plastic.vc
  • raccoon.vc
  • riveter.vc
  • sword.vc
  • syndicated.vc

We aren’t exactly sure how venture capital firms would utilize words such as “beard” and “raccoon” but for less than $5 it might be worth the investment’s flipping potential.

Legal Brand Marketing also acquired the domain safesanitize.com in the secondary market.

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