#Domainer auction : Braden Pollock acquires EndUser .com

Braden Pollock.

Domain investor and legal marketing aficionado, Braden Pollock, has acquired the domain name, EndUser.com.

The domain was sold twice in recent memory on NameJet, first in October for $4,100 dollars, and then again three days ago, selling for $4,600 dollars.

In other words, its previous owner made a $425 flip profit in just over two months, and the domain didn’t end up in the hands of an end user, but rather, to a domain investor.

That’s rather ironic, in our opinion. 😀

That being said, Braden Pollock is a known “outside the box” thinker, and we’re certain that he has extensive plans for EndUser.com.

We’ll have to wait until next year, in order to find out!

Kudos: Dale.

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