Braden Pollock lands new job at the Laugh Factory club in Las Vegas

Domain investor and wine connoisseur, Braden Pollock, is on a new fork to his successful career path.

Following a previous short stint in abstract painting, the popular domainer will perform at the prestigious Laugh Factory Club in Las Vegas, from January 1, 2018.

“I was invited to join the Laugh Factory Club as a platinum member, after their talent scouts watched my interview of Matt Mullenweg during NamesCon,” said Braden Pollock.

“I’m a fun guy, and they seem to have a good taste for humor, they said I was hilarious!” added Pollock, smiling.

In the new show, Braden Pollock will be spreading laughter interviewing random people from the audience, asking them embarrassing questions.

If they laugh before he does, they lose one layer of clothing, and so forth.

“Let’s see who’s the last one to laugh, or the first one to be completely naked on stage,” said Braden Pollock, adding: “Vegas, baby! What happens here, stays here – or maybe not!”

Domainers who want to participate in next year’s show, better sign up for NamesCon 2018 now – the tickets are discounted at $199 for a limited time.

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