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#Domainer auction : Braden Pollock acquires EndUser .com

Domain investor and legal marketing aficionado, Braden Pollock, has acquired the domain name, EndUser.com. The domain was sold twice in recent memory on NameJet, first in October for $4,100 dollars, and then again three days ago, selling for $4,600 dollars. In other words, its previous owner made a $425 flip profit in just over two […]

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Enduser.com : Domain in the hands of an “end user” buyer?

The auction for the domain Enduser.com ended, after it was acquired by Dropcatch. Spending $4,100 dollars on it appears to be the result of competitive bidding, but the ironic part is that the new owner appears to be a domain investor. Would an end user actually get the domain Enduser.com? It makes little sense. According […]

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Bones of last End-User domain buyer found in Missouri

In what appears to be a sad discovery, the entire skeleton of the last surviving sample of Domainus Terminus – or “end user domain buyer” – has been recovered inside an old well in Hicksville, Missouri. Known for their nomadic lifestyle, large families of the Domainus Terminus species occupied most of the Great Plains of […]

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