: #Domain changes hands to LBD

With Covid-19 vaccinations approaching full swing before the summer, vaccination-related domain names are becoming popular. The domain changed hands this past week, moving from away from WHOIS privacy and into the possession of Legal Brand Domains. The transaction appears to have completed using the escrow services of Skenzo, a PPC  monetization provider founded by […]

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Failed app? No worries – #domain has changed hands is no longer a failed app on the Google Play store, as it’s taken a detour and in the possession of a popular domain investor, Braden Pollock. Legal Brand Domains appear to have acquired this great domain a few days ago. Changes to the WHOIS indicate that the transaction occurred on September 24. Formerly […]

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The domain has just been sold, and this time around it’s a domainer to domainer sale. NameJet auctioned off the domain in 2017, and the winner of that $1,716 dollar sale was Elliot Silver’s Top Notch Domains outfit. Fast forward almost exactly 3 years and the sale moves the domain into the parking spot […]

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Legal Brand Domains : and other #domain acquisitions

Legal Brand Domains is operated by Braden Pollock, a seasoned domain investor who is often as hyper-active as Drew Rosener. The veteran domainer has been selective with his domain acquisitions, as we have often reported. Braden also dips into dot .VC. Which domains has Legal Brand Domains taken under their digital wing recently? Here are […]

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