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#Evolve .com : From #Oracle to the Booth Bros #domain portfolio

The aged, ultra-premium domain, Evolve.com, has changed ownership. A domain asset previously owned by mega-corporation Oracle, Evolve.com was just acquired by domain investor, Andy Booth. The older half of the Booth Brothers shared the news on Facebook, with a WHOIS screenshot showing the domain in pending transfer. In recent years, the Booth Brothers approached Microsoft […]

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Bots for domains : NameJet “shilling scandal” fizzling out

The alleged “domain shilling scandal” identifying an active group of NameJet sellers and bidders as “shillers,” shows signs of fizzling out. Domain auction platform, NameJet, has yet to come up with an official final statement about their investigation; meanwhile, three parties involved have stated their side of the story, among more than 40 pages of […]

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Green domainer planet : Uniregistry joins the Clean Seas Foundation

The Cayman Islands are surrounded by some of the most crystal clear waters in the Caribbean; Uniregistry is proud to call them home. Founder and CEO, Frank Schilling, spoke of a brand new initiative to keep those waters clean. “We’re supporting the initiative of the the Clean Seas Foundation, an organization that will help sustain […]

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