Kata.com sold for $25,000 dollars – Did it sell for cheap?

Domain investor Andy Booth announced the sale of Kata.com, a premium CVCV .com with matching vowels.

The sale completed on the DAN.com platform, and it was for $25,000 dollars.

Andy wondered whether he left money on the table, apparently having “seller’s remorse.” 🙂

The truth is, it depends on how much money he spent to acquire Kata.com in the first place.

This 1996 registration was listed for $60,000 dollars at some point.

Did Kata.com sell cheap? We aren’t sure. What is a “kata” anyway? According to Wikipedia:

A “kata” move, according to the Japanese.

“Kata is a Japanese word meaning literally “form” referring to a detailed choreographed pattern of martial arts movements made to be practised alone, and also within groups and in unison when training.”

The only similar sale we could locate was that of Koko.com in 2014 for $100k. A lot has changed in recent years, and LLLL .com domains aren’t as hot as in the past.

Congratulations to Andy for selling Kata.com.

Bonus: It seems that Andy Booth owns the domain name Chain.com, the matching .com of his Twitter handle @chain.

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