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The Booth Report : Distance.com ends up close to James

Domain investor, broker, and Phenom.com founder, James Booth.

It’s always a pleasure to be reporting on domain name sales and acquisitions by the Booth Brothers.

Andy Booth and James Booth consistently acquire top notch domain names, and the latest big name, Distance.com, is in James’s possession.

With tasks and projects being done from distance due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Distance.com is a premium domain name that fits the services of remote education, for example.

In fact, its previous owners used the domain for webinars. The domain Distance.com was registered in 1995.

Meanwhile, Andy Booth acquired a triad of personal names:

  • Jake.com
  • Laura.com
  • Abby.com

Andy Booth is also the owner of MediaX.com, a domain he plans to develop alongside Evolve.com.

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2 Responses to “The Booth Report : Distance.com ends up close to James”
  1. Daniel says:

    Hei Theo,

    Do you know how much did it sell for? Distance education and distance health are super hot these days.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Daniel – No price was shared by James, sorry. I agree with your assessment on potential use.

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