Tiger.com was (re)sold as Andy Booth flips aged domain name

The aged domain Tiger.com was announced as sold by domain investor, Andy Booth. Registered in 1994, Tiger.com was in the possession of Andy Booth for mere months, or less.

Tiger.com was a domain asset of TigerDirect, a now defunct company that sold electronics. For many years, TigerDirect used the domain Tiger.com as a URL forward to TigerDirect.com.

In 2019, Insight Enterprises acquired PCM, mother company of TigerDirect, and all of its assets, for $581 million dollars. In early 2023, Insight Enterprises announced that it was shutting down TigerDirect, effective March 31, 2023:

“After more than 25 years of providing the brands you trust at the prices you love, TigerDirect.com will be retired on March 31, 2023. Thank you for your loyalty and support. In 2019, Insight acquired TigerDirect. Insight is the leading solutions integrator serving clients of all sizes.”

It seems that the domain Tiger.com was acquired by Andy Booth sometime between June and December of this year.

It was a stealth acquisition that Andy Booth did not share, as far as we know, until yesterday via a cryptic Tweet that involved a tiger emoji. Today, Andy Booth spilled the beans:

“Tiger.com was sold yesterday thanks to the help of @amiller325gd and @HilcoDigital . It’s a fair price, will enable lots of good stuff to happen, but can’t say due to NDA. Also payment plan.”

Flipping quickly a domain of the caliber of Tiger.com should involve a fair amount of profit; it seems that in this case it was a satisfactory lease-to-own sale that will fund further domain acquisitions by the busy Briton.

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