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SmartWallet.com : Christmas arrived early thanks to an experienced #UDRP panelist

Domain investor Andy Booth was well prepared to fight for his solid domain, SmartWallet.com, at the federal court – but he didn’t have to. The UDRP that was filed at the National Arbitration Forum delivered a surprising result despite the lack of a compliant response: Complaint was denied. It was an early Christmas gift by […]

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SmartWallet.com is the focus of a #UDRP at the NAF

The domain SmartWallet.com has been hit with a UDRP at the NAF, despite its obvious generic nature. SmartWallet.com is a domain registered in 2001. “Smart” references to wallets are related to cryptocurrency in recent years, and SmartWallet.com is definitely a strong contender for this type of use. It seems that the Complainant claims that the […]

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