Jason Fried: This is how we bought the domain Once.com

Jason Fried, CEO of 37signals, detailed his acquisition of the domain name Once.com.

The ultra-premium domain name was sold by domain investor, Braden Pollock. The sale of Once.com took place over the course of a week and it went very smoothly, something to be expected from Braden!

Said Jason Fried about how easy it was to acquire Once.com from Braden Pollock:

“Lots of people wondering how we acquired the once.com domain. Simple story: It was for listed for sale so we reached out, negotiated, and paid for it. Total time was a few days under tension, and an email or two a month or so before to initially inquire.”

Jason Fried recently updated the landing page of Once.com which displays additional information on the project:

Introducing ONCE, a new line of software products from 37signals.

  • Pay one time, own forever.
  • We write the code, you get to see it.
  • We give you the software, you get to host it.
  • Simple and straightforward, not enterprisey and bloated.
  • For one fixed price. Once.

We’ll be launching the first product late 2023, with more coming in 2024.

Registered in 1998, Once.com existed prior to that, according to Archive.org records.

Atlanta-based Robertson-Caruso Corporation used Once.com as early as in 1995; there is no exact record of the domain’s original registration date or why it was allowed to lapse and drop.

Congratulations to Braden Pollock for what appears to be yet another substantial domain sale!

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