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Number 8 : Single digit .ORG in the hands of a domain investor


PIR, the .ORG domain registry, launched Project 94 a few years ago; the allocation of one or two letter/number .ORG domains to benefit communities.

When .ORG first emerged in 1985, certain policies and recommendations required that a registry “set aside” a select number of domain names for future registration.

Among this group of reserved names were a set of 94 1-2 character domain names.

The original 94 .ORG domains are almost all sold.

When one visits Project94.org there is only a handful of domains left:

  • J.org
  • L.org
  • P.org
  • D.org
  • D.org
  • K.org
  • O.org
  • H.org
  • N.org
  • S.org

One popular domain investor grabbed a particularly lucky number.

The domain 8.org is in the possession of domain investor, Braden Pollock, and it’s currently being used as a “jumpboard” to a number of charities.

We are not sure how much it cost to acquire this single digit .ORG domain; it’s been in Pollock’s possession since March of this year.

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