Investors: You can only sell this domain

You can only sell this domain once, they say—unless you buy it back. In the case of, domain investor, entrepreneur, and social media darling, Braden Pollock, acquired the domain seeking an once in a lifetime sale. was registered in 1998, although it most definitely existed prior and somehow dropped. The domain was used by a company operating YesMail.

Yesmail Interactive, now known as Data Axle, is an email marketing provider was previously headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Data Axle is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Omaha, Toronto, London and Singapore. Source: Wikipedia.

Before the Yesmail Interactive name, the company was known as InfoUSA. In February 2005, they acquired At Once, spelled as @Once, and the associated domain name Braden acquired in November 2021, according to WHOIS records.

What could be the value of currently?

Googling “” the top result is obviously the domain in the possession of Braden Pollock. The second search result lists GetOnce, an up and coming dating app that could use a brand upgrade, for a nominal fee, most likely in the seven figure range.

After all, you can only sell once. Or maybe twice.

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