Mike Mann : Schilling trumps Schwartz, as do other #domainers!

Domain investor and entrepreneur, Mike Mann, made a strange statement today, regarding who is a better domainer – Frank Schilling, or Rick Schwartz.

Following a series of tweets staking claim to the “Domain King” title, Mike Mann now shared a number of domain investors, all “dramatically better” domainers than Rick Schwartz:

Frank Schilling is also a dramatically better domainer than Rick Schwartz, as are fellow retirees Mike Berkens, Kevin Ham, Yun Yi, etc…..plus HugeDomains, Braden Pollock, Ari Goldberger, Chad Folkening, on and on.

Mike Mann added four more names to that list in a subsequent tweet: Thuny (Thunayan K. AL-Ghanim aka Elequa), Slavik (Vin,) Sahar (Sarid) and Drew (Rosener.)

Where is all this leading to, and does Mike Mann have a personal vendetta against the de facto Domain King, Rick Schwartz?

Is there going to be an open fight about who is the better domainer among the names listed by Mike Mann?

We aren’t sure. Mike Mann is famously known for his MannQuotes, a series of social media statements that define him as a domain investor, entrepreneur and overall person.

Domainer fights ahead – Photo by David Clode on Unsplash

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11 Responses to “Mike Mann : Schilling trumps Schwartz, as do other #domainers!”
  1. DomainGang says:

    Sigma – Polls mean very little, DOMAIN KING is a registered trademark of Rick Schwartz 😉

  2. Tony says:

    When all is said and done, Yun Yi will go down as the one that got the most for his portfolio and got to enjoy the proceeds the earliest at that. He got out at the top. No one will get more than $164M. Not even Frank.

  3. Joe says:

    Ok ye for revenue king.

  4. Technically… Mark Zuckerberg has ALL those b****** beat….

  5. David says:

    Their can be 100 parameters to measure something or somebody, Highest sales, highest profits, total portfolio sale, number of names sold etc.
    I measure it by contribution to the industry and the many individuals touched personally, inspired through constant dedication and
    motivation with personal examples during more than 2 decades with total unbiased sincerity and honesty, something that is lacking and
    more in this days.
    Rick in my eyes is the King and in that level Mike Berkens, Andrew Rosener, their are others but they are more
    connected to their own businesses, interests and gains than the many in this industry, just my personal experience in my short years
    in this great industry were I have met and made unbelievable generous friends.

  6. Rich says:


    Frank makes 4 mil a month selling from his 400,000 names. Thats 50 mil a year
    Over all Frank made 5 times MORE then Yun Yi NOT to mention his Uniregistry.

  7. Fatih says:

    one does karate the other plays golf. very different styles and stupid discussion. i guess kings have spare time these days.

  8. BullS says:

    Whoever makes the most money from Domains is the Domain King!!

    Money talks the loudest and the Domain King can ROAR all s/he wants.

  9. David says:

    Kings are measured by the following and respect the people have for them.

    The Queen of England is not measured by the amount of money available to the Palace or her personal accounts,
    is everything she has done for the people.

    The contribution to the industry that Traffic had over the years, the inspiration, motivation & guidance un-biased that Rick has had in so many
    domainers, investors and Corporations is more valuable for individuals and the industry as a whole, than all the millions that a corporation or individual may generate.
    Again, their are many others that have contributed tremendously to the industry many that i got to know and many that i never met or got to know.

    Rick has always been generous without expecting nothing in return

    God is my King and Rick is under him, The Domain King

  10. DomainGang says:

    So who won?

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