: Was this the biggest .CO #domain sale of 2016?


The internet is 99% about sex, or so it seems. Adult content in more or less graphic format has existed since before the commercialization of the internet and has sustained it since.

It goes without saying that sex-related domain names can sell for big bucks and for several years the sale of was gracing the top 2 spots of the most expensive domains ever sold – twice!

Other ccTLDs can fetch top dollar for the “sex” keyword. Let’s see what is the Top 20 list of “sex” keyword domains that were reported sold: 14,000,000 USD 13,000,000 USD 3,000,000 USD 454,500 USD 160,000 USD 51,300 USD 20,000 USD 20,000 USD 19,320 USD 11,769 USD 4,573 USD 4,429 USD 3,601 USD 3,433 USD 3,213 USD 3,000 USD 2,925 USD 2,800 USD 2,775 USD 2,750 USD

Source: NameBio.

On this list we notice that there are 13 ccTLDs, some of which are popular for their commercial use, as opposed to true local ccTLDs. But the most popular ccTLD to be used for commercial use, dot .CO, is not there!

And yet, the sale of Sex.CO occurred in 2016, when the domain changed hands but no such transaction was reported to reputable sources such as NameBio. The seller was based in The Netherlands, and the party acquiring the domain Sex.CO was California based Marketplace Solutions, a company operated by popular domain investor and serial entrepreneur, Braden Pollock.

The seller acquired Sex.CO in January 2014 for an undisclosed amount.

Currently, the domain Sex.CO is listed for sale at Uniregistry with a $350,000 dollar BIN. Meanwhile, the top .CO sale of 2016 was that of Leaf.CO for $89,000 dollars.

We strongly believe that Sex.CO beat this, with a six figure sales price at the time.

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